Make HALLOWEEN Fun & Easy This Year! Be an Animal!

Animal Costume for Kids, Bumble Bee and Bear, Kids in action
Kids Favorite Animal Costumes, Kids Safari
Arkmipa Costumes Encourage Imagination Play
Pretend Play and Dress-up with Kids Animal Costumes by Kids Safari, Full Body, Wrap n Rides, Capes & Vests
Halloween Animal Costumes e.g. Black Cat, Pterandon Flying Dinosaur, Bat, Cheetah, Owl and Pink Rabbit

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Make this Halloween magical for your child—be an animal! Whether you just answer the door or take your child on a trick-or-treat candy hunt, you can match your child or dress up as an animal "friend."

Give her an exciting time she won't forget!

Have you heard the news?

Kids need to play! Pretend play, running & skipping ...

"Daily physical activity is essential for preschool age children both for preventing obesity and for their development—their physical development and their cognitive development."
~ Dr. Kristen Copeland, child development study author

So, basically, we need to provide more active play for our children, not less. And they will gain lean and fit bodies as well as develop the ability to think.

Imagine them getting better at math and increasing their ability to concentrate. And gaining confidence and social skills and learning to enjoy life....

Watch your child's imagination come alive

Bumble Bee Cape Costume
Imaginative play using animal costumes to dress-up and pretend helps children
Kids dress-up & play for hours in animal costumes
"Kids love to play, not because it's easy, but because it's hard."
No more searching for ways to entertain them. No more listening to I'm bored over and over.

Take the challenge. Let the electronic toys and activities gather dust for awhile. You'll be amazed by the transformation in your kids.

Animal Costumes make science and learning fun

Kids Safari Frog Animal Costume
You can be sure they'll have lots of questions about their animal costume buddy.

"Mommy, how do frogs breathe underwater? Dad, where do dinosaurs live? Can we go to the zoo and see a real polar bear?"

And why is the flamingo bright pink? Do monkeys really eat bananas? And whatever their little imaginations come up with.

So break out the books or plan to surf the internet together exploring all the answers. A great opportunity for your kids to learn about the wonders of the animal world and keep the fun in learning.

And the perfect way to get to know what your child likes and how he thinks.

Watch your child grow and blossom into a delightful person

Engaging, interactive play brings into children's lives
  • happiness and laughter to help avoid the anxiety and depression way too common among tweens and teens these days and
  • the ability to understand the problems and fears and struggles of others as they interact as their favorite animal in full costume
Kids Safari Penguin Animal Costume
Kids Safari Flamingo Animal Costume
Kids Safari Parrot Animal Costume
Kids Safari Polar Bear Animal Costume
Kids Safari Mouse Animal Costume

Got a group that needs to play?

Pediatric specialists, the Center for Disease Control, the Mayo Clinic and other experts all agree:
"Preschoolers [should] get 90 to 120 minutes of gross motor activity daily."

Special price on 5 or more costumes for zoos, aquariums, dance studios, church groups schools and other organizations
Get a jump-start on your group play ideas. Choose from a variety of animal costumes for performances or group play. Many dress-up options available for kids to enjoy.

Easy on-and-off wrap n rides and capes and vests for handicapped children or quick changes between sets.
  • Dress up for a wild safari with your pre-schooler class or day care children
  • Perfect when it's your turn to have the play date. But be careful, your house might become the "funnest" house on the block!
  • Great for sharing with the neighbor kids or after school friends coming to play. Romping around the yard has never been such a blast!

Big Kids Need to Play Too

"Men don't stop playing because they're old, they're old because they stop playing."
Tweens and Adults Animal Costumes, featuring Panda Bear and Frog
Suit up in your favorite animal costume; you don't know what you're missing. Transformational and great fun for adults too.

Kids Safari animal costumes come in adult sizes that easily fit tweens.

Adult animal costumes will help you dust off your sense of fun and whimsy. You will feel a new sense of refreshment and satisfaction as you enjoy adventures with your children.

And don't overlook the exercise bonus. Forget the gym and hard, sweaty workouts. The kids will give you plenty of exercise and you'll have fun while you're at it.

Parents who play with their children report amazing results in their relationships with the kids as well as their spouses and others.

You were meant to play! So get out there and play hard!

Exclusive Animal Costumes in the United States

Arkmipa, the Exclusive USA Distributor of Kids Safari Animal Costumes
Now available in the United States exclusively through ArkMiPa! Don't be fooled by cheap animal costumes.

Once you've experienced a Kids Safari Animal Costume, there's no going back. The quality control measures and attention to detail that go into every costume make them stand heads above other animal costumes.

Kids Safari animal costumes are known for original designs and top quality!

Made to last through everything your child can "dish out" while exploring the Amazon jungle, fording the Mississippi River in the Old West or soaring with the eagle far above the fields filled with prey.
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